Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Do you ever have one of those mornings when you can’t even wait for the pot to finish brewing before you need to get your delicious dark roast in your cup?!?


Do you ever look at other people and think:

“How do they do it all?”

“How do they find the time?”

“Aren’t they exhausted?”

“No way could I do that!”

“I don’t have time

Let me just say … I call BULLSHIT.

I am sorry but I do… “Bullshit mama”

We all have busy lives, all moms have kids with different schedules, all dads have kids with different needs, all marriages need love and relationship, all grandparents are asked to help with different things, all jobs require work, all friends require time and all relationships require emotional and physical commitment!


So are you sitting on Instagram, twitter, Facebook or even this article and thinking, “How does she have the time to write this?”

You are not alone! Sometimes I wonder the same thing.

But let me tell you, WE ALL STRUGGLE.

Life is rough some days, and we all have our own trials, none more important than another, none more difficult than another, just different walks of life with different problems, stresses and time demanding crap.

I woke up this morning at 5:45am, not by choice, I hate mornings and love sleep.  My kids however seem to feel the opposite.  I decided to get my work out in – I DECIDED, being the key words.  The old me would have laid down on the couch, turned on a cartoon and possibly even fallen back to sleep.  Then later in the day I would have made more excuses about being tired and not working out. Then I would have sat on my social media and thought all those self excusing thoughts we just talked about!

Not TODAY.  Today I worked out. Then I brewed a much needed cup of coffee and found myself impatient and unable to wait for the pot to finish brewing…I mean, how ridiculous is that!?!  I couldn’t wait for the pot to finish brewing, really?  Talk about instant gratification 🙂


Everyone has those days, everyone has a reason not to work out, everyone has a reason not to eat right and everyone has a reason not to take care of themselves.  Those reasons are strong and you can’t let them hold you back from your best self! Don’t think that because I post cute work out pics and yummy food that my life is easy or that I have more time than you.

Making time for yourself is much harder than making excuses.

I MAKE the time I have and I PRIORITIZE my health and my personal development above all else.  You can too.

I go to bed after midnight every night.

I have kids that sleep in my bed.

I have kids that wake me up at the buttcrack of dawn.

I have a husband that works nights and sleeps days.

I have a family and lots of friends that I spend time with.

I have a business that I run from home.

I have 3 dogs and a cat and a mortgage and bills and debt and all the other adulting crap you have.

BUT…I have DECIDED that above all that, I WILL make time for myself and my health.  And some days that means I don’t even have time to let the pot of coffee finish brewing 🙂

Do you prioritize your life?  Do you schedule time for yourself?  For your faith? For your fitness and health?  For your sanity!?!

My advice to you today is open your calendar app or your planner and SCHEDULE just 10 MINUTES EVERY DAY for the next 7 days, JUST FOR YOU.  It may mean squeezing 10 minutes in, in your car between soccer practice and dance, it may mean staying up 10 minutes later, or getting up 10 minutes earlier.  But find the time to invest at least 10 minutes in yourself every day.  Even if it means you won’t have those extra minutes to wait for the coffee to brew…you will have extra confidence, energy and passion for life…I think it’s a fair trade!

Just make the time and commitment to yourself, the same way you make time commitments to EVERY ONE ELSE!  You deserve it!



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